Monday, December 29, 2014


We spent a little over a month in Tennessee. We stayed at a campground tucked into the mountains and it was BEAUTIFUL! Waking up to mountains every day, exciting hikes, and beautiful scenery daily. It was a blast, I LOVE Tennessee and I hope we go back soon. We were really hoping to see a bear but we didnt. The kids loved playing at the playgrounds and they really enjoyed visiting the people who ran the campground in the office. This was our first far away adventure and I was really happy with it. We decided to come home for the holidays and are planning on heading back out (not sure where yet) after Christmas.

I LOVE where our campground was located <3 nbsp="" td="">

Cades Cove. Such a beautiful drive.

Hiking and exploring


My love. 

I tried so hard to get a family

                      We celebrated Halloween here. It was a blast. We did trunk or treat at the church we attended while in Tennessee. We LOVE the church we went to and also we got a ton of candy,

The kids rode a train. 

We went to the knoxville zoo. It was such a wonderful zoo and we went a couple of times, the kids had a blast

Hanging out around the campground

Girls day. Tattoos and nail polish

They rode airplanes too

We visited the Christmas Place

                     We loved Tennessee so much! It is such a beautiful place with beautiful weather and has so much to offer.