Monday, September 1, 2014

Grand Marais & Pictured Rocks

After we finished up in Saint Ignace we headed over to Grand Marais. This was probably my most favorite spot to camp. We were just a few steps from the beach (my happy place) and there was hardly anyone there. We watched many sunsets, collected rocks, and also had to chase after our naughty dog throughout the town. We headed over to Pictured Rocks, we took a boat out, we thought it would be easier to take a boat with two kiddos. Seriously, so beautiful! We also went through the town "Christmas", the kids were in heaven.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Saint Ignace, Michigan

Oh my goodness. I really meant to blog all of this stuff earlier, but it's like the kids keep me busy or something ;) But they are both napping right now so its go time for blogging! I recently shared about our little fam bam selling our house and deciding to travel (blog on making that decision and our plans with traveling soon, as well as making a camper a home) but we first wanted to take a trial run trip up north before we started gallivanting all over the US. We wanted to see how the reality would be of living in a camper, how the kids would handle everything, etc, etc. So anyways, I took a ton of photos so I will be dividing this up in a few different blogs.

Saint Ignace was our first stop, it was a super cute town and we basically just lived at the playground and took daily visits to the lighthouse. Our campsite had a view of the lake, that was really pretty to wake up to everyday.

    My dad introduced the kids to "Airwolf", a cheesy show about a plane, or jet, something like that, basically airwolf is the Chuck Norris of planes. So Eli is really into planes. We went to the little airport and asked if we could watch a plane take off, the pilot was so cool and said "Just come on back." He let the kids get in the airplanes and watch the take off- he offered to take us on a

                   Spent so much time at the lighthouse, I wouldn't mind never seeing another again

                                 Eli- Lover of train tracks        Serenity: habitual coffee stealer

     So that was our first adventure! I have a few more posts that I'll be sharing from up north. We really      had a blast and I cant wait to experience other places as well.